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It may just be a campaign for a major promotional media release--a Battlestar Galactica reboot. More info here . ( I have a hard time taking this too seriously. they present a really compelling argument, I’ll even concede that it’s very likely BG, but the fact that this article starts out saying that they’ve “confirmed” it and that it’s definitely not these other theories, then go on to present circumstantial evidence, albeit convincing in some places, is extremely shitty reporting ) ( I don’t take it seriously at all, BSG is less than 5 years old, still generating revenue...why remake it? And personally, if Singer were doing BSG on TV, it would probably be about Cobol or even earlier.

From the Daily Dot:

The Galactica thing seems a little far-fetched. How could they keep plans like that under wraps for three years with such a diehard fanbase? (Plus it seems for a Blockbuster movie to get this much of a leadup)
I don’t like the Battlestar Theory either; it seems to be desperate fans (understandably) grasping at straws. They barely even address one of the strongest theories--that’s it’s an ARG--just hand waving it away with a quick “it’s not”. Also, the article seems to try and shoehorn the old battlestar characters in, yet they’ve barely tried to fit the original PB character in (e.g. Jackie). The secret relationship doesn’t fit in either; they make it out to be between Chief & Unnamed Female, but it doesn’t seem to be anything to do with Chief.