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I noticed that there was mention of Project Blackstar concerning the Milwaukee video and its connection. At 1:41 in that video, note what is written on the poster that is hung on the wall.

Jessica and I are 9 years old. Father was taken by Blackstar for a problem he did. I am sorry Black-

There is also smaller text in the background above and below the “drawing” in the center. “THESE BELONG UNDERGROUND” and “WHERE ARE YOURS”

If I were to venture a guess, I would say that these are related to the coloring sheet to help kids ID the material. It is odd though when thrown together with the writing all over the face of the poster. “these belong underground”/”where are yours” are references to fennel.

Blackstar is also mentioned a bit later in the video as a building. The picture they show is a tall concrete structure with a single small black star in the center.

There may also be connections to the Black Star Shipping Line. This was created as a method for repatriating blacks in African countries. It had a very “One Race, One Destiny” sort of feel to it from what research I have done. This would also jive with the poster saying dad was taken away.

Klayton of Celldweller is writing a novel called Blackstar that is supposed to be released later this year. There has been quite a bit of activity on the Facebook page for Celldweller, and he had a weird reverse countdown a while back (a few months) as well.

At the end of the same video a Blackstar employee is shown giving a ruby to the adventurer trying to dig up the god's tomb, the purpose is unknown but it's believed to be the gemstone mentioned in day 59's sentence.

Another connection might be in the join date for Pronunciation Book, 4/14. 414 is Milwaukee's area code.

The final connection is that This Is My Milwaukee's official account posted this:


Volleyballs are mentioned in both ARGs and both ARGs are from the same maker.

It seems very likely that this is a continuation of TIMM.[]

Furthermore, the countdown mentions "Tension in the districts". To put it simply, the use of districts is common in the TIMM ARG.

The talk of a milk argument could be reffering to the fennel(Or the flax seed), but this is unlikely. There is also in one of the videos talk of a "Minister". Thomas bender is the minister of milwaukee.