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The Secretary, as she appears in Bear Stearns Bravo

The Secretary, or simply Secretary, (born 1979; age 28) is a female character first formally introduced in How to Pronounce 31, and is the receptionist at Bear. She is played by Betsy Winchester.


Before working at Bear, Secretary was a salesgirl at a yacht superstore in Long Beach, LA.

After she bought her signature flamethrower, she was heavily in debt, so her friend took her to an art  gallery to cheer her up. There, she met Jackie Dalton, CEO at Bear. The pair immediately hit it off, and soon she was one of "Jackie's Girls".

Sometime after this, but prior to July 4, 2007, Secretary accompanied Jackie on the mission, during which she used her flamethrower to burn down a local Magistrates' office.



  • She is--probably--a pyromaniac.
  • In Bravodex, the following attributes are listed for the Secretary:
    • IQ: 149 (officially making her a genius)
    • Blood Type: B+
    • Fighting Style: Gymnastic Fireplay
    • Destined Profession: Horticulturalist (40% certainty)
    • Rising Tarot: Challenge I
    • Falling Tarot: Construction
    • Famous Quote: "Look into your heart, do you see an innocence?"
  • The A & B dialogue from How to Pronounce Boots refers to the Secretary's time on the mission.