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This is My Milwaukee, or TIMM, was an alternate reality game created by Synydyne, that ran from 2008 to 2009. The game's plot centered around the conflicts between the residents of Milwaukee and the fictional company named Blackstar. The name is from the slogan of the promotional video, "This is my milwaukee--why not make it yours?", which was designed to encourage people to move to Milwaukee.

The game described the Blackstar company creating a bioengineered creature known as Go.D.S.E.E.D., which was forced underground into dormancy and led to the city of Milwaukee becoming quarantined. There was a countdown clock in the upper right portion of the website counting down to 17:00:00 UTC January 16, 2009. The numbers on the clock were replaced with the word “BO NU S?” after it reached 00:00:00.


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Connection to Pronunciation Book[]

A page on one of the This is My Milwaukee wikis, Hoopeston, briefly describes the documentary created by Synydyne. On this page, Thomas Bender is listed as the director of the film, as well as one of two producers and the cinematographer. Franz Poekler is credited as ‘Museum Patron’ in the video.

This is backed up by a video on the Franz Poekler Vimeo profile, which has recently been deleted. The video on Vimeo has since been deleted along with the account, but the video was posted on a Facebook page with the following description: "Our friend, Tom Bender, is in the midst of making a very interesting documentary about some werewolf enthusiasts in Queens. We are so excited Twilight Lovebite was used in this amazing slow-mo montage!!!!"

WHOIS records for states the domain was registered by "John Bender", Bender of course being the last name of Thomas, the register of The email address used to register the Pronunciation Book domain name,, was also used to register the Synydyne website. John Bender is also listed as the register of the domain name, as seen here.

‘The Seasons Will Soon Change In Milwaukee’ Hidden message in Greek found in strangely connected message relating to “Thisismymilwaukee” video. User named ‘aGoDSentfriendindEED’ on youtube commented “The interns dide eate the fennel I stored in the employee iceboxe” on the ‘thisismymilwaukee’ video on youtube. Elaboration on posted link below showing the work.

From the aGoDSentfriendindEED comment on youtube I found:

Dide Eate” - found a twitter account that mentions Sector 21 (from TIMM)

The twitter account ends posting in 2009, after saying that the poster was going to Sector 21.


External Links[]

"This is My Milwaukee" on Wikipedia (Someone calls Howcast and tried to contact Thomas Bender) (This video is part of the “This is My Milwaukee” ARG) The numbers flashed at the end are a reference about the Schwarzman Building, mainly the reading room. When searched on Google, it brings you to the New York Library catalog.