Some marketers start to work with Thomas Bender, this ARG “creator”; they (including him) generate some sort of experimental viral concept that starts being vague but then seems useful for some specific purpose; as soon as we start hearing about Chief and the others, this “device” has an objective and is being used for some viral advertising campaign.

Perhaps he was already doing something experimental-ish with this YouTube channel, and then changed his mind and used it for something different - some sort of viral marketing project he’s into. By that time, he might have had some nice 5.000 subscribers (is there any way to know about how many subscribers a user has throughout time?)

Since then, he’s been informed about names of the characters, situations they face, or some unclear storyline. He/she adds this to his current project for ‘unexpected’, ‘dramatic’ effect. Then, once the whole campaign is ready to go, he starts a countdown.

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