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One of the Five Friends, known mostly for her supposedly excellent dancing, as noted in "How to Compliment Someone in English "  (though this may be contradicted by "How to Argue in English ", where PB Speaker says, “I never actually thought you were a good dancer”). In How to Describe an Unpleasant Memory , it is mentioned that “Trish talked loudly throughout dinner. I think she'd had one too many drinks”, which could imply that she was present during the mission i.e. when the squad shared champagne, and that she is Unnamed Female.

This would also correlate with the later quote in "How to Pronounce Femme Fatale, " “She stumbled into my tent an hour later, surprisingly tipsy for a femme fatale”, which describes a female squad member as having had too much to drink. However, this is unlikely as PB Speaker seems to hold animosity towards Trish in the majority (two out of three) of her mentions, as above in How to Describe & How to Argue (the only exception being How to Compliment, though, as noted above, even this may be insincere).


  • One of the videos mentioning Trish is "How to Pronounce Happy Birthday," saying “We'd all like to wish Trish a happy birthday.”; The video was posted on June 6th, 2012, and so this may be her birthday.
  • Trish has a house on the same west-east one-way street that the other Friends do, and she says hello to Ann in the mornings.