Bear with me: I'm actually lucid, but there's a few dots to join up.

First: I've been waiting patiently for my activation email to be sent from the forum, so that I can post and contribue there, but nothing so far. Is anyone reading here able to help out at all? Are new accounts being moderated by someone?

Next: I say 'waiting patiently' -- I've been checking my email every half hour or so. I check the inbox, and then the Spam folder. Never anything board related in either. But I have got a lot more familiar with my spam emails than I normally would. One that came through earlier today was for stock tips -- as it's spam it's probably a scam that I don't understand, but that's not important right now: what's important is the train of though it set me off on. I'll paste the content of the email below, in case anybody's interested.*

The jist of the email was that the stock price in an oil company would increase if Syria is invaded, because of how the financials on that sort of company work, and that now is the perfect time to buy up cheap stock in it. And this reminded me of 'The Mission'.

What people seem to be having a hard time with is reconciling the idea that investors are part of a combat mission in a jungle. There seems to be a tendency for people to assume that the combat scenario and the finance scenario are different, and wouldn't exist together. But:

What if the mission's purpose is to destabilise a country's economy, therefore increasing the stock/investment price of a company trading in or around that country? The team that go on the mission is made up of representatives from different organisations, including a bank and some mercenaries. I'd need some time to come up with specific examples of evidence from the vids to back this up, but I'll throw these in as strong influecers:

From one of the hidden videos: "A: Two regulators, two traders, two scientists, two systems: two Impacts." I've always assumed that this is the make of the team (regulators, traders, scientists) wjhat they're working on/in (the systems) and what they're trying to acheive (the imapacts)

And linking with this, three of the ten mysteries:

"Second, why did the Regulators' Office acquiesce to working with the banks?" Directly references the regulators, and that they're working with the banks.

"Third, why would a financier of Jackie's status choose to accompany us for field work?" Is Jackie one of the 'traders' mentioned above?

"Fourth, what secret research led to our loci in Nicaragua" Were the two scientists (again, above) responsible for the 'secret research'.

Any takers on this particular idea?

  • there's a secret, paranoid part of me that wants the emai to actually be part of the game.
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