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The recent events such as the increased tensions between nations around the world and the NSA leaker

Snowden are all part of a much, much larger conspiracy that will lead to the sterilization of much of the worlds population. The motivations behind the group are largely unclear although it would appear their goal of sterilization is a means to an end.

We all know that because of the increasing population in the world that it is putting a strain on the resources of our planet and in the coming years its only going to get worse so perhaps this group wishes to solve this coming global crisis by sterilization many of the worlds population and preventing them from breeding further. People have changed their minds about things and sing a new song. They no longer believe in conspiracy theories and are now rejecting old morals and beliefs. Many months or even a year ago a video was created by a university professor which detailed only four possible outcomes of our current global economic and environmental situation. Can someone find that youtube video please?

MIT Report

The one behind the youtube channel Pronunciation Book is telling us about the coming events.